Daily Prompt: Year

via Daily Prompt: Year

So I haven’t written a blog post in a very long time as I haven’t really felt like I have had much to say. I always thought something significant needed to have happened to warrant anyone wanting to read it. However as I sit here thinking about 2016, I think perhaps I should have written down a lot more. Whether that was how I had been feeling (good or bad), goals I set my self to change or do something, or even a moan about something that really annoyed me. Maybe someone, somewhere, could have connected with what I wrote. I certainly have with things I have read.

I have seen a lot of New Year posts on social media already about how next year will be better and they are glad to see the back of 2016. I’m sorry if you are one of those that have had a horrible year, but know it gets better, this was me 100% last year. I have also seen the positive quotes about making 2017 a good one, New Year new you…blah blah!! The one that struck me the most though was; “2017 being a blank book and its up to you to write your own story”. Well I’m going into this New Year feeling positive, I started writing my own story in 2016 and what an amazing first Chapter its been.

Rather than starting the New Year looking at what I want to improve or do better, and don’t get me wrong improvement is good, but it’s also like saying what I did wasn’t good enough. I started to think to myself, “why don’t you start the New Year reminiscing of what you did in 2016 that you are proud of?” So rather than write a list of New Year resolution’s or goals I’d like to reach I am going to be positive about what I achieved and think about what I can add to it in 2017 when I write Chapter 2. Achievements don’t have to be major milestones they can be small accomplishments personal to you. Anyway, I won’t rattle on…here is a list of some the things/moments I’m proud of in 2016:

  • I bought my own house, on my own as a single girl! (Something I never thought would happen)
  • I went to Dublin on a girls weekend away – I always wanted to visit Ireland and it was as amazing as I hoped it would be!
  • I went canoeing at Symonds Yat and then swimming in the river
  • I made loads of new friends
  • I decorated my place and did loads of DIY! (Loads more to do in 2017)
  • I went on a family holiday, exploring Devon and its beautiful coasts
  • I got up at 5am with my little sister to watch the sunrise on the coast
  • I launched a new website at work
  • I went camping randomly with my best friend for the sake of it (it was freezing!)
  • I became a Black Belt in Internal Communications
  • I learnt the art of Graphic  Facilitation (well the basics, still learning badly..ha)
  • I have lived on my own for the very first time and learnt to enjoy it and embrace it
  • I got promoted into a new job (it’s completely different and completely scary)

That list is not exhaustive, I have a terrible memory for one. To some people the things on that list might not even seem worth a mention, but to me they are.  They made my 2016! They are the things that are giving me a more enthusiastic start and outlook to 2017. Be positive about what you achieved and continue to do so next year.

Happy New Year!!!!


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