When I was 13

via Discover Challenge: Transcript

I can’t wait to share with you what I wrote so young. It’s full of errors and makes me cringe but here is where my passion started. I don’t even know what to share as I recently found a folder full of them, including scrappy pieces of paper ripped from here and there. Here is one that is still pertinent today!! (Please remember I was aged between 12-13 🙂 ).


Why in the world is there terrorism, boundaries and wars?
Can people not see what it does cause?
People die everyday
From one man’s final say
Equal is what we should be
There shouldn’t be a day called D.
In the sky everything can be free
That is what peace means to me.


People that make weapons, bombs and drugs
Should be the people that we unplug.
From our world where our friends and families should live in peace,
We shouldn’t let people starve while we eat a breakfast full of grease.
Confusing is what life is,
Why do we have poor people with nothing and the rich with the bizz?
People shouldn’t feel inferior
Because someone thinks they are superior
Of all the things you want, wouldn’t it make sense
To stop the world from all suspense
It must be for a reason that people kill and people die
If not for a reason they must have lived a lie.
Everyone makes mistakes, some are bigger than others
At the end of the day everyone in this world are all brothers.
Why you’d want to kill your family is what I want the answer to
My one wish is that one day none of the above will be true.



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