You Can

via Daily Prompt: Capable

If you want to aim for something, if you want to do something, if you want achieve something, I know all you need is to believe you are capable of doing so. I could be a doctor in self doubt with the amount of knowledge I hold.  I still don’t fully believe in myself but on the flip side I then have achieved so many things anyway. The only reason I have done it is because actually deep down I knew I was capable of doing so. I think even more importantly though are the other people that knew I was capable too.

You see what happens is when your hard on something, the hardest person you are on is yourself! I still am, and I know I always will be. I am not trying to preach in anyway and say don’t do it because we all will. I think what is important though is to surround yourself with people who believe in you and think you are capable of anything. Its their belief in you that grows your own, and makes it possible. No one does it on their own or by them self.

What I have learnt and what I continue to learn is that the people closest to us, who we truly “let in”, are better at judging us then ourselves. As I got older I wanted to achieve so much. Not always with the the capability to do so. We have to stretch ourselves though and learn. The biggest thing though is when you get a chance, something happens you don’t expect,  and then  you have to prove your worth.

The people that truly care about you will never say you are”not capable”,  because they want to believe in you as much as you want to believe in yourself. They will however provide you with much guidance and positivity.

Without repeating anything I’ve said  although its important, this last year has taught me a lot, but I have also achieved a lot. It’s not without people’s genuine concern and belief in my ability to do things though that I achieved it. So many times I wanted to give up or thought I wasn’t good enough or capable, it is their comments that helped.

It’s not until you really doubt yourself, your own capabilities, even when you feel so strongly, before you realise you are shit. But you are not shit. Let the people who love you and care about you tell you how wonderful you are. Let them tell you are amazing and can do it. Let them tell you that you are beautiful. Without the people closest to me I don”t know how i’d have got through these last few weeks.

The closet people to you will always want you to shine bright even when you don’t think you can. I’m so lucky to have the people closest to me as my biggest advocates. Even now when i don’t think i’m capable, I know they do, and that makes me think I am.







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