My Present

via Daily Prompt: Overworked

I won’t lie I had to laugh when I saw today’s daily prompt word. I’ll try not to write too much! It couldn’t be more pertinent to describe my life right now though!  Considering we spend over 50% of our time at work, this can have a real adverse affect on our personal mental health as well as physical well being.

I am in the fifth week of a new job and I have NEVER felt so overworked. It’s unreal! I mean that in two senses; overworked in the amount of work I have to get through, what is expected of me and I am solely responsible for. Secondly, as alluded to in a previous blog, my brain and mental state has been overworked with stress, worry and trying to the best of my ability to complete the tasks in hand.

I’m generally not a moaner(yeah right :)) or someone that gets down in the dumps easily, at least to the outside world. The past few weeks I can only describe as horrendous scattered with a few rays of light. I am in a new part of the business which I have no knowledge of, there is a huge amount of technical information I need to understand to a high level and actions I need to complete with none of the former. December and January are meant to be quiet months for me in this role and my feet have not touched the floor. My head is close to exploding!

When I say it has an adverse affect on me, it has both physically and mentally. I spent most of last week trying not to burst into tears and look like an absolute dick at work. I was so emotionally drained, stressed, frustrated and I felt like an utter failure. I felt that way because I didn’t feel I could do all that was expected of me. I didn’t feel I had the time, I felt as though I was going 3,000mph and had nothing to show for it. I felt so overworked and overwhelmed, I was not in a good place. I probably should have just cried and let it out.

Physically? I keep looking at my stomach and I am unsure of how it is that flat! I’m not moaning, who doesn’t mind feeling thin and losing  a few pounds? Silver lining and all that?! But that is not right. I shouldn’t be losing weight because I am overworked. There are times over the last few weeks I haven’t eaten because I haven’t had time in the day, I then get home and I’m too tired. Then there are times I’ve stuffed my face because I starved myself the day before and I’ve generally eaten shit! This is not healthy! Oh and don’t forget the wine I’ve consumed.

I would not have got through the last few weeks without boring some people to death about how I feel, whats on my plate and moaning relentlessly about work (sorry guys). Here lies the positive. I have good people who I can rely on to give me advice and make me feel better. I myself have noted above the adverse affects it has on me which shows I am aware of it and can deal with my approach to change it. Some people will not be.

Don’t think it’s your responsibility to change the world, it is not. Talk to the people that care about you and don’t think you are a burden. It’s such a relief to get it out your system and vent. Your well being is the most important thing. Being overworked and over stressed is not a good thing, as I have established. If you burn out completely, you won’t be there to finish your job. Being overworked is unnecessary and avoidable

Now take my advice (or what I’ve been told), calm down, chill out, talk to a loved one, cry if you want and have a glass of wine. Sometime in the near future I might read this back and take my own advice!! Here’s hoping.



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