When I first started writing this blog I was nervous to share it via social media as then I knew my friends, family and anyone on my accounts could read my personal thoughts and feelings. Having been writing quite a few entries so far this year (a goal to myself), I still um and ah over what to share to my Facebook. I wonder if people will laugh at what I say, judge me somehow or just think its complete tosh.  Many times I have hovered over the ‘share’ button but I eventually pressed it.

Today at work we had our first team day as a new team. We had an icebreaker to learn more about each other and the task was to bring something that represented our personal interests.  I contemplated using my BIC pen but thought it would look like I made no effort so I took my favourite book. I told them I loved reading, writing and recently started my own blog and my dream is to write a book They were genuinely really interested and kept asking me questions about it all day. One person used to have her own blog too and she said she wrote under a disguise. I then again questioned my approach to blogging.

Here is where I get to. I write a blog for myself. I find it therapeutic. I don’t write it in the hope it will somehow be “discovered” and I don’t write it for a particular audience. I write whatever comes into my head at the time of sitting down at my laptop. My personal diary if you like. If people read it, what a bonus. If people Like it or Comment on it, gold star to me.  If people tell me they have connected with it in someway and can truly relate, well that just makes my day.

I write because I love it. I write because if i didn’t share in some form of blog or poem my head would explode. I write to practice for when I eventually write my book!

Simple really.

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2 thoughts on “Writing

  1. Elaine's Bloggers Paradise says:

    I have to admit I detest Facebook and think it’s the worst thing ever invented… its full of depressing egotistical know it alls that make me feel depressed reading about their life. That’s just the ones I followed! Obviously there will be some nice people on there as well.

    But come on, are you really that interested in reading what people are having for tea and how good their mostly fake lives are.

    And BREATHE, rant over, needless to say I would never ever go on Facebook again 😠

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