Some people are lucky enough to find their “person”. Most of my closest friends and family members have found theirs. By person I mean significant other. I am yet to find mine. I think either cupid has run out of arrows or has a really bad aim.

I have enjoyed being single and I think it has been good for me. I now enjoy spending time on my own and I have enjoyed the freedom that living by yourself brings. I have amazing friends that are always there and ensur
e we have “girl” time. But! I am jealous of them.

I want to find my person.

I am starting to be bored of my bachelorette lifestyle and my relationship status. I am completely disinterested on finding a potential match on an app or online. Don’t forget the work and effort you have to put in to get more than a one word response. Anyone would think you were there to have a conversation *eye roll*. I mean seriously, what is the point?


Everyone says it happens when you least expect it. That I will find someone when the time is right. Well I am not expecting it and now is a pretty good time!

I miss having that person in my life who looks at me lovingly and asks how my day was. I miss all the little things of knowing someone is always there for me and has my back. I miss being their go-to for advice or to just talk. I miss being their person.

via Daily Prompt: Lovingly


3 thoughts on “Person

  1. Judy Redic says:

    Wow, this is me 2 years ago. I was so looking forward to meeting my future love, and to tell you, I didn’t like him cause he was far from me and the work that we had to do is great. But, like everyone says, it will come least you expect it. 😊☺️


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