So Forgetful


Wow! What a day, week, month, start of the year!!! It has not stopped for me, in every possible sense I have been busy. It is easy to forget things when your in this constantly on the go phase.

Take today for example! I received an email at work (from our HR system) telling me my car tax had run out and it was illegal for me to be driving. Ooops. Problem was my manager also got the same email. Double oops! After investigating further yes it had indeed run out. I had no idea. I hadn’t changed my address with DVLA so never got the reminder.

Just over a week ago it was my brothers birthday.If it hadn’t been for idly scrolling through Facebook that day I would have completely ignored this fact. I felt awful.

My kitchen light-bulbs died about a month ago. I couldn’t even work out how to get the bulb out. Luckily one day a competent friend showed me how and gave me the light bulb to take to the shop and replace. Have I? Of course not! Anytime I use my kitchen it’s from the faint glare of my extractors light. Every time I do remember I am in the shop with no idea of what light bulb I need to buy!

Seriously. I laugh at how pathetic I am.

How when we are so busy, pre-occupied with stress, or just generally thinking from one task to the next are we meant to remember everything? I feel like I am slowly going insane. Yes I do use reminders. Yes I do write lists. I still forget. The first two things above are kinda two important things I should remember.

I am my own biggest critic. It so much easier to criticise yourself and think about how you could be better in most aspects of your life. Not using things as an excuse for your own incompetence. Being forgetful for being so busy is not something I will be too hard on myself about though. We are all human. We all let things slip our minds, RIGHT?

via Daily Prompt: Criticize


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