Everything! You sure?

So I am a firm believer in everything happens for a reason. I could list a million ways of how I know this to be true from my past experiences, but I won’t. What I am annoyed about is the fact I am doubting my own belief because of a situation that I am in, which could have been prevented, but I put myself in it.

Certain decisions and actions, led to a certain chance encounter. That encounter couldn’t have happened if I did not believe in the above mantra and the decisions and actions made previously. I know I am being cryptic here but I won’t apologise ha.

Now I am in a state of complete doubt. I am worrying about something completely out of my control but completely pissed off because I could rescue myself from this position had I done something differently.

Now do I still believe this happened for a reason (including the lack of my actions) or sit here wondering for the rest of my life if this could have been fate handed to me on a plate which I completely screwed up?




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