The little things

So Valentine’s Day is upon us!

Soon every girl without their prince will be forced into the realisation of how single they really are! Facebook will be filled with gifts, flowers and probably engagement rings. The romantic declarations will repeat themselves all day *sigh*. But I won’t get bored of it. Just because you don’t have it doesn’t mean you need to be bitter about everyone else.

I used to love it! I used to love the surprises you made for each other, the thoughtful gifts and feeling special. Knowing your SO had meticulously planned this just for you! It’s a nice feeling. There should be more of it. Spread the love people. Spread the love!

16665678_10158284425080613_39690134237159371_oI remember when I was growing up I received a card every year without fail through the post from my secret admirer. I was always so excited when I opened it and wondered who it was from. I never expected it but each year but it made me feel loved and important to someone. I still don’t know who it was to this day. I have an inkling it was my Granddad Ben but he never admitted it.

I had completely forgotten it was Valentines Day tomorrow. Why would I remember? My friend called me earlier this evening to pop in for a cup of tea. When she came in she presented me with a box and said “Happy Valentines Day for tomorrow.” I responded a little pathetically, “Aaw I feel loved!” and  she proceeded to tell me I am loved and she didn’t want me to think any differently on Valentines Day. What a sweetheart. I really am very lucky to have the friends I do.

In all seriousness, its the little things in life that make me happy.

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