An exasperated sigh seems to be the only sound that seems to leave my mouth at the moment especially as I’m sat at home in darkness.

I’m meant to be on night out this weekend in London and bought a few dresses online for the occasion. I’m trying the last one on, its a bit of a struggle and as I’m waving my arms around I swing them into my ceiling light and it goes out. It won’t come back on! The light shade was all skewed and hanging off but the bulb itself was fine. Will it come back on? No!

To top it off none of the dresses fit. Two were two small, one was too big and one made me look like a curtain. They were all the same size. *SIGH*

Now I have nothing to wear and no time to find anything. I am now super stressed as I sit with only the glimmer of my laptop to help me find my way through the lving room.



via Daily Prompt: Sound


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