To not regret


The past year has been crazy a blur! So much has happened and I barely remember half the things I have done.  As I have got older I have realised one thing, time passes so quickly and you need to make the most of it.  I haven’t been making good use of my time lately and I don’t think I’ve been making good decisions either.

I’m at the point of my life where I need to stop messing around. Stop making mistakes. Stop having an excuse for everything. I need to learn from my past experiences, learn from mistakes I’ve made and get my shit together. Sounds easy right? Yet why do I keep letting myself down, making poor decisions and acting like a fool?

Someone please tell me at one point it all magically clicks together and I will look back at my twenties and go, “It was fine, I needed to be a bit crazy, make those mistakes, get far too drunk  more often then not because it’s all part of growing up and finding yourself.” Please tell me that happens?

I am far from perfect but I do try to be a good person. I feel at the moment I am living for the weekend and then doing nothing with it. Well this is going to change. I’ve decided i’m going to make plans and stick to them. I’m going to start cooking and nourishing my body with healthy food. I am going to decorate my spare room and hallway. When that’s done I’m going to see about getting my kitchen renovated.

I’ve decided I am going to productive and make good use of my time. To do the things I want to do but have just been too lazy to accomplish.

I will not let time pass in a blur and regret not doing what I wanted.


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3 thoughts on “To not regret

  1. Simple Joys says:

    Good decisions Kashia, and I think it would be great if you could be disciplined and stick to them but… don’t be too hard on yourself love. You’ve achieved a great deal in your 26 years, so remember to be acknowledge that, give yourself a pat on the back and be proud. There’s more of 2017 to come than has passed, so you will be able to achieve the goals you’ve set yourself. God bless xxx

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