I can only tell the truth of how I have been really feeling when I have the patience to explain. What I say and how I present myself do not always translate from my minds thoughts or the sunken feeling in my heart. People see me as a confident, happy, bubbly and strong person. If I say anything that betrays this perception of me it’s as though it can be somewhat disregarded.

Being on your own can be great fun and enjoyable however it’s also very lonely. When you go home every night on your own. When you wake up in the morning on your own. When it’s the weekend and you think about how you can spend your day on your own. Of course I can make plans to see friends and family but its the going home bit after that’s annoying.I’m definitely a people person and I miss company. Just knowing someone will be there or having a hug at the end of a bad day. I don’t think it’s easy for people to understand that are not in the same situation.

The mixture of emotions I have are hard to translate to words without sounding  pathetic.


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3 thoughts on “Translate

  1. Edward Bryans - commentaries on life says:

    Hello, Kashia, you were the first person, ever, to follow my WordPress blog – might sound a bit silly but that is, to me, special. So, without anything particular to report, I am checking in to see that you are OK.
    I do that sometimes. It’s like a random outreach to say to someone: ‘I care’.
    Sometimes it sounds like you get lonely. So, here is a little company coming your way and just saying hi – you did something special in my world; THANK YOU!

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  2. Elaine's Bloggers Paradise says:

    I remember so well feeling the same way when I lived on my own. As much as I loved my home I would feel sad going back to a empty house. I used to wear my head phones and listen to music, they were wireless ones so I could go from room to room and still hear music. I also used to do a lot of writing or surfing the net too 🌹

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