My bad

I won’t lie until I clicked on the link I hadn’t realised it was a photo post. As i was showering, “A good match” was swirling in my head, ideas of what I could write (yes sorry about that). I came up with the following and hopefully you can create your own picture of what this represents.

Your bravado masked your insecurity,
yet it was me who always felt sad.
I was never quite good enough,
but I loved you with all I had.

I wanted you to be proud of me,
yet your words were so harsh and curt.
You were clever in what you would say,
and I would try to hide my hurt.

There were times when you looked at me,
I saw it in your eyes.
I should of knew right there and then,
and not be blinded by your lies.

You showed me signs you really cared,
then suddenly you would detach.
I still tried to make it work,
but I guess we were not a good match.


via Photo Challenge: A Good Match


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