I won’t lie, I wasn’t bothered by the daily prompt today, I knew I just needed to write. However sometimes things just fit! And…for the record I will never ever be completing DIY and home improvements again. EVER! I thought I enjoyed it….LOL! (WOW!)

I’m very muddled right now in my thoughts, there is a lot going round my head right and I can’t work out how to tell you my feelings or thoughts without looking like one of those brain clouds where everything just comes out in squiggly lines, here, there and everywhere.

I have been pretty much making home improvements recently which has been nothing short of a nightmare and lots of hard work. I finally feel like I am getting to the finish line but it will still be at least a week or so before I get it how I want it. I can’t do it on my own so I have been roping in various friends and family to help. Even though I’m a typical Leo unfortunately I have to wait for their availability, without sounding impatient, I am so lucky and grateful for their help.

An update to my minds thoughts.png

So why is my mind so muddled? I’m perturbed by life recently. Work, relationships, stress and happiness. They are so all well entwined sometimes I struggle to separate them and get to the root of my problem.

There is something that has been taking up a lot of space in my mind the last few weekends and its exhausting. It is genuinely a positive thing but me being me, I keep questioning it, overthinking it and looking what could go wrong to the point i’m driving myself insane.

I can’t seem to enjoy anything or what could be because I am constantly looking at “What if?”, “Maybe just..” “Why would?” and “When will?”…I really need to stop. I just need to stop. But….ARRRRGGHHHHHHHHH! I want answers dammit! There isn’t even any answers yet! I just need to let things be.

Sometimes you dream too much, your mind wonders to things that could be but your brain remembers things that have been. There goes my daily struggle

I told you I was muddled.

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3 thoughts on “Update

  1. Elaine's Bloggers Paradise says:

    Your not muddled really, your just like other people, you have not found yourself yet, that does come with age unfortunately… you have a brain that wants answers, because you don’t just accept things as they are (which can be good and yet bad) because it is so damn frustrating when you feel like that.

    I now know that my biggest failing was patience, it still is to a degree but I can recognise it now. All my life I was running to meet the next part of my journey. Then suddenly I realised that I was getting older and why was I not enjoying each day, why was I rushing.

    Everything will come to you when you stop chasing it. It’s a hard lesson to practice but personally I did not find inner peace until I made the conscious effort to do it.



    • Kashia says:

      So true Elaine. Unfortunately patience has never been one of string points. I do need to learn that and enjoy moments as they are not what’s coming next. Thanks as always for your advice and making me feel better xxx

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      • Elaine's Bloggers Paradise says:

        Your welcome, I know just how you are feeling, you don’t give yourself enough credit for what you have achieved so far. Sometimes I used to sit and look at my CV and think blimey , I am impressed with what I’ve done 😳 and I had not bought a house myself like your doing. Trust me Kashia you are doing brilliant 😉

        Liked by 1 person

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