So tonight I am having a massive glass of wine because not only did I earn it, I deserve it!

After a long hard slog and spending days completing manual intensive labour I can finally see the fruits of my efforts.I have stripped numerous layers of wallpaper. I have removed poles, wooden rails and plug sockets. I have sanded walls, skirting boards door frames and mirrors. I have glossed said skirting boards and door frames and painted the mirror. Yesterday I even, very proudly, managed to hang lining paper.

Tonight I painted one wall and it makes all the difference. I can actually start to see what the finished room will look like and I am excited. This is A massive achievement compared to where I was two weeks, when I was close to tears and wanted to give up! Perseverance and hard work really is worth it.

My mum reminded me yesterday that it was my 1 year home-iversary! One whole year since I  completed the sale on my first property and I became a home-owner. Doesn’t time fly when you are having fun?! I cannot believe it has been a year already, seems crazy. I have come a long way in that year.


I love my it! I love how I have done all the DIY and home improvement to make it mine. I love how it looks. I love that I stuck with my vision and it worked. I love how its changed from what it was to now my home. I’ll be happier Sunday when the spare room is finished though :). I am just short of meeting my one year goal to having it finished but whats a week between friends?! ha.

I am knackered. Its been a tough two weeks and I’ll be happy be to reap the rewards once its finished. Before and after pics to come to show you I really wasn’t moaning for no reason.

Most of all I am MASSIVELY proud of myself and what I have achieved. Happy Thursday Folks.

Kashia x

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