I should…

I should come with a warning A neon flashing light. For I am very dangerous, especially late at night. Chuckle and giggle away! But this is the truth. For some reason I can't help myself, to not be completely uncouth. It is not with force I try Or indeed with any intention. Yet it always … Continue reading I should…



I run through the darkness as it consumes, my mind, is thoughts, the questions unspoken. I hit the floor hard, tripping over nothing, myself, my doubt. I can't be woken. Awkwardly lying in a frozen heap, clouded with confusion, an anxious haze. I try to break free and remove the weight. Yet the silent pain … Continue reading Jolted

To see

  I wonder if I have a choice, Or if it's just built into me. I wonder if I had a chance, Or if my eyes just don't see. I ponder what is possible, Or if it's my personality. I ponder what are problems, Or if it's just reality. I dream with no purpose, But … Continue reading To see


So as promised, here are the before and after pictures of my hard work and constant moaning over the last couple of weeks. I started: I nearly cried: I persevered: I am proud to say I conquered!   via Daily Prompt: Conquer


So tonight I am having a massive glass of wine because not only did I earn it, I deserve it! After a long hard slog and spending days completing manual intensive labour I can finally see the fruits of my efforts.I have stripped numerous layers of wallpaper. I have removed poles, wooden rails and plug … Continue reading Massive


I won't lie, I wasn't bothered by the daily prompt today, I knew I just needed to write. However sometimes things just fit! And...for the record I will never ever be completing DIY and home improvements again. EVER! I thought I enjoyed it....LOL! (WOW!) I'm very muddled right now in my thoughts, there is a … Continue reading Update